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A Must-Have for Playing DnD: Dice Sets

We at Blue Wizard gaming offer the finest selection of both metal and polymer DnD dice sets which are suited for any class, alignment and race. Browse our store and find just the right one for your style! We offer flawless, carefully weighted and balanced metal dice sets, each thematically colored. You can select the Aqua Gold for the daring seafaring explorer, the Druid Green for the forest-dwelling ranger, the Elvish Moon for your cryptic mage or the Medieval Silver for the fighter, clad in chainmail! On the other hand, if you prefer some lighter dices, you can also find many fine polymer sets in our store. As well, from the pure DnD black-Gold to the gem-like Aqua Copper or the grim Raven Black. We have also some very special metal and polymer dice sets which glow in the dark like small nuggets of ember of mystic gemstones. They not only offer good visibility even in dimmer light, but when used skillfully, they can just set the right tone of any exploration game into the under dark or high into unknown space!

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